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About Bruiser Wrestling Federation

BWF is Central Virginia's premire wrestling promotion for the last 12 years. Started in 2002 by Bruiser Graham & his father Woodrow BWF continues to bring the most exciting wrestling action in the indy scene by mixing young talent and legends of the wrestling business. 

Latest Results:


BWF RANKINGS (12 June 2018)

BWF Title

Champion Bruiser Graham.        

1-Frank Parker     

2-Jai Kole          

3-Spud Wade        

4-Kayden Phoenix        

5- Yela

BWF Tag Titles

Champion The Starliners.        

1-The Family

2- Southside Playas

3- Sinn Krowley & Jeff Flowers

4- The Assasins

5- Keith Ashley & Lance Striker

BWF Ladies

Champion Kacee Carlisle

1-Jordan Blade

2-Kaci Dillion

3-Nikki Stattic

4-Stephania Cash

5-Miss Shannon